A free JSON data cloud for creating visualizations.

Store your data in the cloud.  Stream it to any website, anywhere.

Say goodbye hard-coding data and say hello to spending more time creating magical visualualizations that update in realtime.

  • Simple Data Management

    Data Management

    Manage your data in the cloud with a simple, intuitive interface.

  • Automatic Embed Code

    Embed Code

    Use embed code create realtime data streams to any website.

  • Realtime Streaming JSON

    Realtime Streaming

    Get up-to-the-millisecond updates on your data.



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excel import

Import your data from excel and quickly create new datasets in an intutive interface.

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JSON brackets

Paste the generated embed code for datasets in any website and instantly access your data.

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We stream your data in JSON format so you can create stunning visualizations faster than ever.

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